Cool iOS 16 Features You Should Try if You Have an iPhone

Cool iOS 16 Features You Should Try if You Have an iPhone

Apple on September 13 released iOS 16, which gave the ability to customize the lock screen and added many other useful and interesting options. Of course, they won’t let you instantly win at a sports betting app, but they will ease your daily routine.

Automatically Cut out the Object From the Photo

In the past, you had to use an image editor to cut an object out of a photo. With the new iOS, you can remove the background and paste an object into your notes or any messenger with just a few taps on the screen.


To cut an object, you need to press a little harder on the photo. When you see that the desired part of the photo is separated from the background, drag it down or to the side. Then use your other hand to swipe to the left to open the app and drag the item. In notes, it will be inserted without a background, while in messenger it will appear as a sticker.


You can also share an object from a photo against a black background. To do this, hold your finger on the photo until the object is outlined with a shimmering line. Then press “Copy”, go to the desired application and press “Paste”.

Wi-Fi Password: Can Be Viewed Directly on the iPhone

If your friends have iPhones, the Wi-Fi password is easy to share. Now it’s easier to share your password with your Android friends, too: iOS 16 adds the ability to see your password through settings. And you can see a list of all Wi-Fi networks you’ve ever connected to and their passwords.

Notifications at the Bottom of the Screen

Previously, all notifications were right below the date and time. Apple decided it was inconvenient for Pro and Pro Max users, so in iOS 16 notifications moved to the bottom of the screen. Their appearance can be changed in the settings. If you select “Quantity,” the most recent notification will be visible, but for the rest, only the total number will be shown. “Stack” groups notifications from a single app, while “List” shows them in their usual form, like on older iOS versions.

Lock Screen: Detailed Setup

Many iPhone owners have complained that they lacked customization of the lock screen and “Home”. Previously, you could only change the photo, while the font and appearance remained standard.

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With the update, there are now more ways to express yourself. Here’s what’s available to iPhone owners now:

  • Unlimited desktops, just like on a Mac. They can be customized for different moods or different focus modes. For example, create one desktop with work apps and another for entertainment.
  • Lock screen wallpapers – from a selection of your photos, based on data from the Weather app, or astronomical, with models of the Earth, the moon, and the solar system. You can set your smartphone to update the picture every time you unlock it. And if you use weather or astronomical wallpapers, they will change depending on the time of day and moon phases.
  • Custom font for the time and the ability to change the color of text on the lock screen. If you want the time to stand out against the wallpaper, you can use bold font and select a contrasting color. If you want the lock screen to look different, use a striped font.
  • Widgets under the date and time on the lock screen. They’ll make it easier to keep track of your battery charge, the weather outside, or the number of steps you’ve taken. There aren’t many widgets yet, but that won’t be for long.

Face ID: Horizontal Unlocking

A useful trick for those with iPhone 13 and newer. Let’s say you’re watching a YouTube video and accidentally lock the screen. If you have the newer iOS, you don’t have to twist your head or turn your device to unlock it. Just tap the screen or press the lock button and your device will recognize you even if you’re lying on your side.

Photo Processing: Once and for All Photos

Imagine: you take a series of photos and then you find out each one needs a little color correction. Before, you would have had to edit everything manually. That would take a long time, and there’s also the possibility that the pictures might come out slightly different in brightness and contrast.


In iOS 16, they’ve made it so that you can adjust a photo once, and then just copy the settings and apply them to all the other photos in the series. To do this, select “Copy edits” from the drop-down menu, select a new photo, click on the three dots at the top, and select “Paste edits.” You have to go through each photo this way, but it’s still faster than opening the editor and twisting the sliders.

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