Have you accidentally pushed something, causing all the apps on your phone’s home screen to disappear?
This can be quite aggravating when you need to learn how to return app icons to mobile screens.
Home screen apps make it simple for us to use Android and other mobile devices.
So, in this article, we’ll talk about how to get missing app icons or shortcuts back on your phone’s home screen.

How to get mobile phone App icons back on the home screen is one of the topics this post addresses.
Have you accidentally erased any shortcuts to your mobile apps displayed on the standard mobile screen?
These apps simplify how you use your phone by giving you quick access shortcuts or icons.
These programs can, however, be suddenly lost, but they are very simple to recover.
So, this tutorial will show you how to get your app shortcuts or icons back on your home screen.
These techniques are compatible with Android phones, tablets, and other devices.

Home Screen Apps for Android

Most Android devices and other smartphones have operating systems that restrict access to their apps to the home screen.
It is practically hard to pull up these phone apps when their home screen icons have been lost, even though they may be modified from within the SETTINGS sub-menus.

Shortcuts for phone apps can be lost, but they can also easily be recovered.
Most Android versions, including Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and other later versions, have similar Operating Systems OS designs, making it possible to launch Applications just from the home screen icons.

How to Restore Lost App Shortcuts and Icons from the Home Screen

The procedures listed below explain how to restore all App shortcuts or icons on the phone’s or device’s home screen;

How to Restore Apps from the Home Screen on Android Devices

Please select it from the settings menu on your phone.

Scroll down and choose “Apps.”

One of the Apps that would show up is LAUNCHER.

To launch it, select the Launcher.

The CLEAR DATA option is one of the options offered by the Launcher.

To remove the Launcher’s App data, choose the clear data option. Then, leave the Apps menu and go back to the home screen.

return app shortcuts or icons to the home screen

How to Restore App Buttons for Models of the Samsung Galaxy

Any Samsung mobile phone model, including those in the Galaxy Note series, can be used using the instructions below.

Tap and hold (long-press) the COG icon, which is also the home screen settings sign, anywhere on the home screen of your Samsung mobile device that isn’t already occupied.

When a menu appears, select the “Apps” button.

Select Show App Buttons from the subsequent selection that appears.

Finally, click Apply, and the home screen will quickly reappear with all of the Apps’ buttons or icons.

By doing these actions, you’ll see that all of the applications stored on the phone return to the home screen exactly as they did when it was first purchased.

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