Itsmyrayeraye Divorce Update: Are They True? Husband Eric Boyce Split Rumors

itsmyrayeraye divorce

Itsmyrayeraye Divorce

Is Itsmrayeraye and her husband divorced? After the social media posts, several of her followers have expressed concern.

American social media star Itsmyrayeraye is well-known for her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Her travel and beauty-related vlogs are the focus.

She has numerous admirers because she is a well-known public personality. However, they have recently voiced their worries about her.

Itsmyrayeraye recently tweeted a depressing message about her romantic life and relationships. Because of the stories and gossip swirling about, she has become a hot topic.

Get the Latest on Itsmyrayeraye’s Divorce Here

Itsmyrayeraye, a well-known social media celebrity, has gained widespread notice online. Raye Boyce is her true name, and she has a large fan base.

After eight years of dating, an influencer got married to Eric Boyce. Before the online divorce rumors surfaced, the pair had been wed for about three years.

Even better, Raye and Eric had a cute child together. They were quite content in their relationship and shared a home.

Raye, a YouTuber, hasn’t formally announced her divorce from her spouse. She did, however, tweet that “around this time of year, I wish I had a big family.”

The couple appears to have split up based on Rayce’s Twitter posts, however she hasn’t publicly mentioned her divorce.

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