Short Life Unblocked Games WTF At School (Play Here)

Short Life Unblocked Games WTF At School (Play online Here) 911, 77, 76, 66


The short-life unblocked game is developed by Gametornado, based in the Czech Republic. The initial installment in the series includes Short Ride, Lucky Life, Parkour Jump, and Bow Mania as sequels. Other works from the studio consist of Rio Rex, LA Rex, NY Rex, London Rex, and Death Chase.

Play Short Life and explore Life on a knife’s edge! Avoid traps or swinging blades and explosive mines, and fight to make it through. It is possible to enjoy Short Life for free, and check out how long you’ll be able to survive! The Short Life game allows you to select from various playable characters. You can also earn more stars. Play Short Life online for the most comprehensive crash course in death-defying action. If you’ve always wanted to be in the most dangerous home, try Short Life on Poki now and fulfill your dream!

Play the game Short Life unblocked


Arrow keys left and right – Left and Right arrow keys –

Up Arrow – Jump or get up (if you are crouching)

Down Arrow — Crouch

Short Life Game Unblocked Tips and Tricks

Each level has three stars to be collected. Be on the lookout for them.

Heroes that are unlockable need to be equipped with different stats. Pick your top one!

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